Article written in MS Word, A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm), 1.5 space, Times New Roman 12, it consists of 6-18 pages, Margin or border of writing (3 cm left, 2 ,5 cm right, top and bottom). A first-line indented by 6 spaces. Every article should be written in justify. The contents of article written in two columns with a centimeter column spacing and should be written in English. citations / references in bibliography using Harvard style with brackets (author's last name, year of publication) for example (Fatmawati dan Syaiful, 2020). The  research results arranged systematically as following below :


  1. Title, describe the main content of the article concisely and clearly, not more than 14 words, center and bold with capital letters (except conjunctions)
  2. Author Name without academic degree and it accompanied by footnote refers to the author affiliation, should include author e-mail address for correspondence. The maximum number of authors listed in the article is 5 authors.
  3. Abstract, written in English by maximum 250 words and is the content of article contains the element of of IMRAD: Introduction, Method, Result, Analysis, Discussion. Abstract writing not include numbers and symbols. Along with abstract, it should followed by 3-5 key words in alphabetical order.
  4. Introduction, includes background of the problem, formulation of problem/research objectives, and it ends with statement of the problem.
  5. Method and Analysis, contains an explanation of research method: research design, variables, time, place, materials and tools (optional). The method should be explained as complete as possible, therefore other researchers can review it, it include a research ethical test or research permission.
  6. Result, Clearly stated the data in form of narrative research results related to the research objectives, accompanied by illustrations, tables or graphs that support the data if it necessary. tables and illustrations of figures/graphics should be numbered and referred sequentially inside the text. It contains brief and clear descriptions below the figures/graphs and above the tables.
  7. Discussion, Explain the discussion of research results which include: facts, theories and author opinions that distinguish different research from the existing research or research results similarity according to the used of research theory.
  8. Conclusion, conclusions of research results in form of narratives without statistical
  9. References, the references should not more than 10 years, 80% of references are scientific articles from journals/books/websites.
  10. Other terms, the submitted articles will be reviewed by reputable reviewers and editorial team to check the content, conformity of articles within the research guidelines and writing instructions. Authors have the opportunity to improve or revise the article based on suggestions / input from reviewers and editorial team. Confirmation of article status can be seen inside the journal website. The accepted articles and every accompanying illustration become the legal property of publisher. Before the article published, the author signs a statement of publication ethics and statement that the article is the original work of author, it has never been published before and has a statement of agreement with other authors.